Looking for Something?

About me


So far: I grew up, made friends, learn, observed, be wrong and sometimes right, share knowledge and learn from others too, piss people off, been scared, watch porn, laughed, watched porn;  rode the Argus 10 times, worked, wondered around never knowing what I was looking for…..

Currently: Still growing up. Still wondering around in exploratory mode. Trying to act normal. Living the present. Try and make things happen. Still trying my luck at this dad and husband business. Staying out of trouble. Enjoying life’s journey, Share stuff, walk, have fun, eat good food, listen to good music, annoy people, take photos…..

What’s coming: Not sure what the future holds but the list on my mind is huge. So pop-in here to discover my next adventure or read about the stuff that is going on in my mind and life.

About me

A flâneur with varied interests which are forever changing but there are a few constants which include a love and enthusiasm for music, photography and anything visually inspiring. This blog exist to show some of my work as amateur photographer and where I write about exploring my surroundings wherever I find myself, taking pictures and things that excites me.