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Ghats of India


ghat noun a broad flight of steps that is situated on an Indian riverbank and that provides access to the water especially for bathing.

I developed a fascination with Ghats (basically a set of steps leading down to a river or lake) well before our trip to India through following works by Indian photographers and during conversations I had with them on Facebook. Sacred places like Varanasi have burning Ghats where Hindus cremate their departed. These Ghats are fascinating places to visit as it offers the perfect place to witness traditions and puja rituals (worship).

Ghat at Mathura – Birthplace of Lord Krishna

One of my favourites was the Yumanu Ghats in Delhi which is situated on the banks of the Yumanu River, which also flows through plains of Vrindavan, Mathura and Agra. It is truly a breathtaking sight watching thousands of seagulls swirl around the rivers as they get fed by the locals. Seagulls start migrating from Europe & Siberia before the onset of winter and stay in India till March, the beginning of the Indian hot summer. Despite the poor visibility as a result of the severe air-pollution which makes photography challenging, the ambience around the sacred places was calm, dignified and a wonderful experience to witness the worshipping rituals, prayers and interaction with locals. Devotees often also visit the Ghats early in the morning to bathe in the holy water of the Yumanu River.

Life close to the banks of the Yumanu River (Ghats) is beautiful in its own way. Listening to the chanting of mantras, seeing the sacred sadhus and the exquisite architecture of the temples are what make a visit to these Ghats an unforgettable experience. Dotting the Yamuna River are 25 Ghats, of which Vishram Ghats is considered the holiest.

fdfdfdGhat at Jaisalmer

Ganguar Ghat – Udaipur

Yumanu Ghat Prayers

Doing laundry at Yumanu Ghat – Delhi

Ghat at Chittorgarh,Chittor Fort

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